States to compete to get projects

Different weightage would be assigned to each parameter, to arrive at a cumulative score. The state with the highest score would be the winner for a particular project, institution or event.

Only 10% land for SEZs used

Maharashtra was once ahead of all other states in the country in setting up special economic zones (SEZs). But with very few projects taking off, only 10% of the land earmarked for the zones has been used, state government data shows.

DP architect says plan not for densities

Reacting to the backlash against the high FSI proposed in Mumbai’s Development Plan 2034, its architect V K Phatak said the DP was not designed to contain densities but to ensure that the market and building norms were not distorted through such controls.

DP will be a disaster for Mumbai, increase social disparities

The new Development Plan for Mumbai ridicules sustainable growth principles and actively undermines the city's most important needs — affordable housing and public open spaces. With its proposal to increase FSI, the plan focuses on quantity over quality and perpetuates the bluff that increasing volumes of construction will automatically solve the problems of the city — when in fact it will only further increase social disparities.

Modi questions free power philosophy

In an apparent dig at AAP over its poll pledge to reduce power bills, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday wondered how such promises could be made by political parties in states which are dependent on electricity supply from outside. Full Story

Sharp rise in Mumbai FSI, so what?

The Development Plan 2034 has not only increased Mumbai’s floor-space index (FSI) considerably, it has also opened up the until now protected south Mumbai for utilisation of transfer of development rights (TDR also known as floating FSI). Full Story

Infra dream hinges on faster clearances

Nine months after the new government assumed power at Centre, the sectors that promised to contribute their might to the 'Build India' story are awaiting the real kick. Full Story

Land reform ATM spits 7/12 extracts

A small village in Nagpur - the state's first digital district -  can now boast of an ATM that can release 7/12 extracts just like an ATM (automated teller machine) spits out money. Full Story

Mumbai draft plan falls short

In a chaotic city like Mumbai, any attempt to organise it comes as a breeze of fresh air and the draft development plan of the city is one such initiative that has attracted a lot of attention over the last few days. Full Story

What industry wants from Modi govt -- II

Weekly policy update

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What foreign players want from Modi govt 

Exclusive interview with US-based Turner Group's top management on changing India under Modi dispensation. Turner Group is market leader in infrastructure and real estate project consultancy.

Government policy round-up

Weekly govt policy news - Apr 19, 2015

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